Dear Visitors,
this offline-website is a prayer for dying Internet (*1989 on our blue planet, ✝2019 in Brussels) - which was free as in freedom and now is a big cemetery build by lobby, German-Angst and ignorant and/or unable politicians (keyword #niemehrcdu). The European Parliament chose to ignore copyright experts, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, and most importantly more than 5.000.000 of your voices and voted in favor of upload filters and #Article 13. March 26th 2019 is a sad day known to be a day against free internet, a sad day against free speach, and a sad day against free press, arts, satire, expression ... and so sad days beginning for me!

Stay in resistance, support your NGOs with your donations and just as important as that: wisely choose your vote in the Election of the new European Parliament this year for candidates who are representing your rights, fight for your Freedom and for the interrests of all people - not because of their ego and who are under suspicious Lobby-influence

Go too the overview of Candidates who pledged and voted for Internet-Freedom and who are electable and rebuff the overdue, unrealistic ineligible.